Exotic Weapons Rap (Dubastep Remix) - Single




released July 29, 2016



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DUBA Vancouver, Washington

Content Creator & Rapper (@dubaraps)

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Track Name: Exotic Weapons Rap (Dubastep Remix)
Lemme break the ice with some Super Good Advice,
Here's a Fabian Strategy so you can do it right,
With enough Patience and Time you'll create and redefine,
And escape your Zhalo Supercell, transcending space and time,
With my Vex Mythoclast, I'll wreck and dispatch,
If you step to my clan this Invective will blast,
The Last Word caused me to speak my First Curse,
But Hawkmoon's my weapon of choice to disperse,
I'll take you to church, but you can't handle the Truth,
I've slayed with Bad JuJu since the days of my youth,
You can catch your next breath with a burst from Red Death,
Or be sent into the Hereafter by Dragon's Breath,
You say there's No Land Beyond this Suros Regime,
Better ask the ThunderLord to give you a Plan C!
Making you wish you weren't born when I shoot you with my Thorn,
If poison doesn't kill you, follow up with Gjallarhorn,
Run from my wolfpack rounds! But they'll put you in the ground,
Where you'll never make a sound
I'll make you bow with my Queenbreaker's Bow,
Or finish you off with some pop rocks from Telesto,
Who's got the best flow? Not you with Dreg's Promise,
Better rock Lord of Wolves or you're gonna be demolished
I'm bad to the bone with my Chaperone,
I'll show you a grave stone like "That's ya home!"
Mida, meeda, meta, I'm gonna hit you 'til ya,
Mighta needa medic, yes I'm a spitta with a,
Pocket Infinity, I'll be dropping my enemies
If you wanna get next to me, I will topple you instantly!
My dude Rasputin gave me a Sleeper Simulant,
But I've No Time To Explain how I get ill with it,
Not feelin' it? Watch where you place the blame,
I'll take your Touch of Malice and raise you an Ace of Spades!
The equivalent to the Fourth Horseman of the apocalypse,
Don't put your Universal Remote where my Tlaloc is,
My Necrochasm causes necks to spasm,
But the Monte Carlos here to catch wreck with fashion,
When shooting a Hard Light some have lost their lives,
Black Spindle is for conquerors of Lost to Light,
Raze-Lighter, Dark-Drinker and a Bolt-Caster,
My good sir, you should be considered a sword master!
Some easy to obtain like the Boolean Gemini,
Others evade your eyes until the very day that you die,
Pull out The Jade Rabbit just to make people sore,
Then shoot you all with a laser beam from Zen Meteor.