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released April 23, 2017



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DUBA Vancouver, Washington

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Track Name: Destiny
I love to shoot, I love to loot,
I love the sound of bullets when they rupture through,
I love to punch the faces of various alien races,
And watch 'em come unglued,
I stood in one place, In front of a cave,
To cave in skulls, and all I got were greens and blues,
But I'm still playin' this game, Cuz the gameplay is insane,
And what the heck am I supposed to do?!
After 25 strikes for the Bad JuJu,
I'm starting to reconsider what I have to do,
So I, enter the Crucible, to smash on dudes,
That's when I get an invite, to help a clan I knew,
I'm on a strike from strikes, let's get our Raid on!
Say goodnight to your wife, Templar & Atheon,
It's really, a one of a kind, experience,
We'll go in blind, and come out delirious.

Thanks, Bungie! I love this game you made,
Though in Vanilla all that we could do was raid all day,
But that's okay! With elemental primaries,
We would do the nightfall to put our minds at ease,
With flaming heads, Dinklebot, raise the dead!
"We've woken the hive!" You heard what I said,
Everything hinged on Shaxx's hype, (AMAZING!)
And an epic soundtrack kept us strapped in tight,
Up from The Dark Below, here comes Crota's soul,
Dive into the hellmouth, neververse is home,
Slow your roll! Gonna pull the plug on this hive god,
Grab your rocket launchers & fire on my mark,
I pick up the sword, don't forget some orbs,
And with my super charged, I will hit the floor!
"Have you met our hive god and savior?"
Yup! Thanks to him, now we're flawless raiders.

We once killed a heart in a garden,
Now we gotta fight a war the awoken started?
"You owe us", Send Skolas to the prison of elders!
He'll be pelted with Wolfpack rounds forever,
There's no time for this, when Osiris is,
Sending spies so he can forge alliances,
The Iron Banner is a big celebration,
But a true trials found, in elimination,
Then Taken King dropped, Eris get your green rock,
Off the map and put Destiny back on track!
With stacks on stacks! Eververse is nothing to laugh at,
But Ghost be like "Bro, I live in your backpack",
So crota's dad is totally mad,
We killed his exiled son and he won't get him back,
Unloading his wrath; dude has taken entire worlds,
And when we sent him into space, I screamed like a girl!

It's the Rise of Iron, if you happen to buy it,
Fallen, perfected, mechanical tyrants,
The wrath of a Titan, Aksis Archon Prime,
So when you're done in the Forge have to fall in line,
S. R. L., Grab your sparrow,
Time to test our skills, feelin' festive?
Too bad it's gonna cost ya for a Ghost Ghost,
Just dawned on me, don't act like you don't know,
From YouTube to Twitch broadcasts of podcasts,
Musicians, artists and nerds with bomb facts,
Where ya'll at!? It's not a game, it's us,
Whether you join a clan or live dangerous,
Lifelong friendships are born in this world,
And sometimes, this is where a boy meets girl,
At the finish line, but only the first inning,
A Stranger once said "all ends are beginnings."