Exotic Armor - Single




released February 5, 2017

Produced by Delta-S



all rights reserved


DUBA Vancouver, Washington

Content Creator & Rapper (@dubaraps)

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Track Name: Exotic Armor
I once rhymed over an exotic beat and since,
I’ve lived behind an ACD/0 Feedback Fence,
Gave my Shinobu’s Vow with no way to back out,
So I’ll unleash The Ram all up in The Glasshouse,
Strap in, pull up Radiant Dance Machines,
Wrote an armor rap for all you Lucky Raspberries,
My Twilight Garrison, like Celestial Nighthawks,
With Knucklehead Radar to detect when the mic's on,
With my Sunbreakers, I will happily scorch ya,
With No Backup Plans, you will Graviton Forfeit,
Don't Touch Me with your Khepri’s Sting,
Or I will leave your whole team wearing Peregrine Greaves,
Whether Crest of Alpha Lupi or Crest of Alpha Lupi,
You best to MK. 44 Stand Aside,
Or you can try to come at me with your Thagomizers,
You don't wanna come against Heart of the Praxic Fire. Nah!

Let's look at things from the Ophidian Aspect,
I stole your Ruin Wings & ATS/8 ARACHNID,
No matter how many Dunemarchers coming at full force,
You’re never gonna breach my Insurmountable Skullfort,
Bring Eternal Warriors and The Armamentarium,
There's no Light Beyond Nemesis, you really aren't getting in,
"But Skyburners Annex!" People always ask,
You could say, it's got Sealed Ahamkara Grasps,
Transversive Steps will not traverse these steps,
Even Obsidian Minds couldn't determine a cleft,
Gotcha burning to death Goodbye, Fr0st-EE5,
Say a prayer to Saint-14, but he's not alive,
You will lose all hope with no Inmost Light,
With Bones of Eao, but a Young Ahamkara’s spine,
Ya’ll are mine. Show a skull of Dire Ahamkara,
There’ll be Nothing Manacles when you're reduced to stardust,

Are you hearing how well I flow? Empyrean Bellicose,
Engineered so that I can float, it's really incredible,
I tried to tell him not to take the shot,
But he’s got his favorite rocket launcher and The Taikonaut,
The STAG can stop! Does this look like a masquerade?
Wearing the Claws of Ahamkara that you just slayed,
In Achlyophage Symbiote or Purifier Robes,
They’ll laugh as they cringe then they choke, not sure if I disclosed,
With Mask of the Third Man, you're exposed as well,
Out of respect you should remove Apotheosis Veil,
The Impossible Machines? Challenge accepted,
Voidfang Vestments? More like annoyed ya ain't dead yet!
The best looking Exotic is the Alchemist’s Raiment,
But my Immolation Fists will leave you flat on the pavement,
Call it a Starfire Protocol, Astrocyte Verse,
I wrote this hot fire just for ya'll. That is my word!

This armor's got me feelin' exotic,
From the depths of the Hellmouth to Felwinter Peak,
This armor's got me feelin' exotic,
Delta-S in the cockpit with a beats that's hypnotic, yeah!
This armor's got me feelin' exotic.
Wherever I go, they can't help looking at me,
This armor's got me feelin' exotic...
Take a look in my closet. There's no way you can stop this!