Rise of Iron - Single




released August 15, 2016



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DUBA Vancouver, Washington

Content Creator & Rapper (@dubaraps)

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Track Name: Rise of Iron
Since the moment I was resurrected, I knew I'd been selected,
To protect and defend, everything right and precious,
They try to threaten? They'll get smashed to dust by my aggression,
Do I have weapons? Have you seen my entire collection?
This fight we've been in, has taken us cross the Galaxy,
Through blood sweet and tears, we've come together as family,
Handled everything, from the Raid of the Vault,
Down to the pits of the Hellmouth, we braved the Dreadnaught,
We've slayed 3 generations of false "gods",
They say that we're not, but we're taking them all!
Laid dormant, a technological, plague known as SIVA,
Now unleashed by fools, who dream of being machine Gods,
You've stolen our planet, but we're reclaiming it back,
It would be safe to say that you're under attack,
So strap on your nanotech and brace for impact,
We're gonna make you pay, so prepare to get smashed.

It's the rise of iron,
Are you ready for the fire?
It will forge iron lords
From the corpses of legends,
We honor their sacrifices,

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.
And leave the universe blind.